Human Resources Management

Employee Registration

• Registration and organization of all employee information (employee citizenship, driver’s license, CV, etc.) and attach their documents in a single location;
• Facilitates information management, when and where you wants;
• Each employee is responsible for updating their data through an application login.

Employees Contracts and Documents

• Immediate access to all documents (contractual links, receipts and justification of absences) related to employees;
• Scanning and storing documents Possibility.

Fault and Overtime Control

• Monthly registration of employees’ absences and overtime – updating done by the administrator or employee.

Holiday Registration

• Holiday registration and subsequent approval by the administrator;
• Holiday map query;
• Export to spreadsheet/Excel.

Three Features, one Application

Easy, Clean and Powerful

Document Management

Ease the tasks of filing, searching and extracting documents.

Financial Management

Accurate accounting and financial processes.

HR Management

Management and valorization of the human resources of your company.

OyO is a web App that helps SME to organize themselves daily through a set of features that allow to streamline their processes and operations.

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