Accounting Integration

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Switch to digital accounting without changing accountant.

OyO Accounting Integration, is a module that connects company and accounting office in a single Web/Mobile application.

How does it works:

OyO Accounting Integration, is a new feature that provides the constant and direct sharing of financial information with your accounting software, ensuring process agility, greater transparency and continuous monitoring by your accountant.

All the information released in our OyO Application are imported by your accountant directly into the accounting software, so he can immediately keep all the information about your company.

Example: When scanning an invoice, then posting it to OyO, your accountant can import this information into the accounting software.

It allows you to control the information sent to the accounting, because not all of the information has to be available.


  • Shared sistem between you and your accountant;
  • Loss of documents avoided;
  • Direct sending of documents to your accountant, without any intervenientes;
  • Eliminates information inconsistency;
  • Accounting information available online, in real time;
  • Launches automation;
  • Anticipation and punctuality of deadlines and VAT forecast;
  • Helps with the projection of revenues and expenses through the information introduced on the sistem;
  • Identification of financial problems and anticipation of solutions;
  • It provides useful reports so decisions can be taken;
  • You and your accountant, closer than ever.

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OyO is a web application that assists in the daily management of SME and provides three features in a single environment – Document Management, Financial Management and Human Resources Management.

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