Document Management

Documents Introduction

• Introduction of diferent types of documents (correspondence, invoices, advertising, contracts, etc.);
• Various ways of entering documents in the system: file upload, direct scanning with network scanner (recognition of document content and capture of some information by OCR, namely NIF), e-mail and SAFT import;
• Import to OyO automatically from data that is online, optimizing and streamlining procedures;
• information organized by folders.

Approval and Distribution of Documents

• Simplified document approval and dissemination workflow;
• Multiple levels workflow;
• System Optimization – automatic fields filling;
• Control of documents that are sent for approval – approval history;
• Request for approval e-mail.

Three Features, one Application

Easy, Clean and Powerful

Document Management

Ease the tasks of filing, searching and extracting documents.

Financial Management

Accurate accounting and financial processes.

HR Management

Management and valorization of the human resources of your company.

OyO is a web App that helps SME to organize themselves daily through a set of features that allow to streamline their processes and operations.

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