Accounting Integration

Digital Technology in Accounting Offices

Accountants now have digital technology to make their work more productive and efficient.
Imagine what it would be like if your customers had a financially organized routine and you could import all that documentation and information into your office, online.

OyO has just launched OyO Accounting Integration, a module that connects customer and accounting office in a single Web/Mobile application.

Your office has problems such as:

– Delays and loss of documents by the customer;
– Loss of time with launches;
– Peaks and overload of work and rework;
– Inconsistency of documents and information;
– Urgency of clients in accessing accounting documents.

OyO integration with Accounting, your office always ahead:

– Shared system between client and accountant;
– Accounting information available online “practically” in real time;
– Automation in launches eliminates unnecessary operating costs;
– Anticipation and punctuality in meeting deadlines;
– More interactive accounting, more dynamic and less bureaucratic.

More time for your customers,
more success for your business!

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The Digital Era has reached the accounting offices

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